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February 23rd Martin talks on Ephesians 4, the power of God’s love.

February 2nd Candlemass. Martin talks about Simeon’s declaration.

December 25th, Midnight Communion.

December 22nd, 4th Sunday in Advent. Martin talks about Joseph and not being afraid.

December 8th, 2nd Sunday in Advent. Martin talks about repentance.

December 1st, Advent Sunday, Matthew 24: 36-44. Martin talks about being ready for Jesus’ second coming.

November 3rd Luke 6: 18-31 Pam talks about loving your enemy.

October 27th. Ephesians 1: 3-10 Martin continues the theme of the Transformed Life.

October 13th 2019. Ephesians 1: 1-2 Martin introduces the theme of the Transformed Life.

October 6th 2019. Luke 17: 5-10. Martin talks about having faith.

September 22nd 2019. Luke 16: 1-13. Martin talks about being shrewd. (9.05) Pam introduces the theme of the Transformed Life: Ephesians 1-3

September 8th 2019. Luke 14:25-33. Martin talks about the cost of discipleship.

August 4th 2019. Luke 12: 13-21. Martin talks about our priorities in this life and what is to come after death.

July 28th 2019. Luke 11: 1-13. Martin talks about prayer.

July 14th 2019. Mark 12: 41-44, 2 Corinthians 9: 6-15. Martin talks about our motives for giving.

July 7th 2019. Luke 16. Martin talks about giving and not holding tightly to what is God’s.

June 30th 2019 Psalm 100: Martin talks about giving thanks.

June 23rd 2019 Malachi 3: Martin talks about ‘giving’.

June 2nd 2019: John 17: 20-end

Ascension Day: 30th May 2019

May 26th 2019 – Acts 16:9-15

Reading of Acts 16: 9-15

May 26th 2019 – John 5: 1-9

April 21st – Easter Day! Christ is Risen

March 24th 2019: The Barren Fig Tree. 2 sermons on the same theme but different!

June 10th 2018: Giving. Romans 12, Mark 10: 17-31 Rev Canon Neil Milmine.