Together We Stand

We have a variety of services throughout the month, worshipping in both Word and Sacrament, which reflects our varied congregation.

“I think the diversity of the services throughout the month is a strength and appeals to me and the diverse congregation.”

Being a Church of England church, we always have a communion service some time on every Sunday. This may be a said service at 8.30am or twice a month this is the main 10am service.

On the second Sunday each month we celebrate the Eucharist, based on the Common Worship service.

To enable all worshippers, including the young, to understand the communion service, we have a ‘Family Communion’ service on the third Sunday. This service is held in the round, with the table placed in the centre of the church. The wording for the service has been made more accessible for an all-age congregation and the young people are engaged in various parts.

The ‘Word’ service allows for us all to grow in our relationship with Jesus. We are looking to recognise and develop our gifts of the Holy Spirit, so that they can be used to encourage and build up God’s family. Music is contemporary and the preaching follows the theme set for the term, which is further enlarged at the home groups. By using a theme, those members of the church who do not go to the small groups, learn at the same time. During these services there is an opportunity to share how God is working in our lives.

The first Sunday and Café Church, on the fifth Sunday, connect with those new to faith or on the edge of faith. At both services, our worship enables young and old alike to know more of God’s teaching by being involved in these interactive services.

Café Church, held on a fifth Sunday, takes place in the adjoining Ashenground Centre. We share breakfast together and worship in an informal setting.

We are keen to experience different ways to worship, with each other and further afield. A group regularly attends New Wine each year and this has seen many blessings. For the last couple of years, a group experienced the Big Church Day Out. It has been a great success, an amazing weekend!

There was a clear message from Tearfund, to reduce rubbish.

A petition to all the multinational firms, like Coco Cola, Nestles, etc to reduce their plastic output, was signed by over 11,500 people.

 1st Sunday 8.30am


Said Holy Communion

Morning Worshipan all-age interactive service for young and old to worship together.

 2nd Sunday 10.00am Morning Worship – Holy Communion with Young Disciples
 3rd Sunday 10.00am Morning Worship – Family Communion – a service in the round, with the young people taking an active role.
 4th Sunday 8.30am


Said Holy Communion

Morning Worship – Service of the Word with Young Disciples

 5th Sunday 8.30am


Said Holy Communion

Morning  Worship – Café Churchheld in the Ashenground Centre. Breakfast with an informal service.

 Wednesday 10.30am Said Holy Communion.  
 1st  Thursday

2nd Thursday

7.00 – 7.30pm



Whole Church Prayer – A time of open prayer for the ministry and mission of the church. Everyone welcome.

This is an important part of our ministry. Can you be involved? Come along and give it a try!

7.00pm in church.


Contemplative Prayer – A verse of scripture is used to help come into God’s presence and be still before God. Contact us for more information.

 3rd Thursday 8.00pm Lewes Prison Prayer – Pray for the prisoners in Lewes Prison and their families

8.00pm in church.