What is a Home Group?

A small group meeting together to get to know each other better

  • To deepen relationships, share insights and discuss problems and difficulties in life
  • To support and encourage each other in our Christian faith
  • To learn more about God through discussion and Bible study
  • We do not just learn facts, but we are encouraged to think, ‘How does this apply to me? What incidents or situations in my life is this relevant to?’
  • To eat cake and have fun!


We are pilgrims on a journey,

fellow-travellers on the road.

We are here to help each other

walk the mile and bear the load.

Richard Gillard, ‘The Servant Song’


There are Home Groups during the afternoons and evenings. Please contact us for further details.

This term (Sept – Jan) we are studying ‘Transformed Life’. Using Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, we are studying what it means to be ‘in Christ’ and how this can transform our life.

For more information speak to Martin or Pam.